Smart Home

IoT-based Smart Home Service



Smart boiler (cricket boiler)

- Monitor and control the boiler in the house even
with a smartphone outside the house

- Self-diagnosis, notification and after-sales service
using a smartphone

- Increased efficiency with temperature setting
and reservation function

- Cost-saving effect with cloud-based real-time power

- By applying the IoT international standard platform,
it can be linked with various overseas products



Smart bed (furnistem)

- Provides ease of use by supporting a separate control screen
according to the electric bed model

- Supporting family members' control of electric bed devices

- Check the sleep status of the family through the family member
viewing function

- Sleep state monitoring using heart rate and respiratory rate sensors

- Personalized sleep management service based on individual
sleep status data

- Command execution by setting user sleep setting rule (event)

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Smart mat (raycop)

- Set the mat's ventilation and temperature with sleep

- Use clean bedding through bedding care

- Convenience of automatic bedding care service

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