AI Platform

AIBLab's AI platform that combines Internet of Things, big data, machine learning, and domain knowledge

Product specification

This is the product specification for ALA Platform in the AIBLab.

ALA component-based services

· Load and execute application scenarios that usecomponents that meet ALA component standards

ALA composable components

· Domain common dynamic configurable component
· Data/analysis/serving component

ALA Core Framework

· Workflow execution control and scheduling according to client requests
· Configure and run the workflow execution engine
· Common engine specification and message specification
· Data/Model/Workflow Repository

ALA Client and Developer SDK

· Web-based client module for ALA application scenario
· ALA client module and developer SDK based on Scala

Product case

This is an example of AI products.

Major client company

It is a major customer of the AIBLab IoT platform.

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