IoT Platform

AIBLab IoT platform that enables IoT services easily and efficiently

Product specification

This is the specification of AIBLab product.

IoT platform server

PaaS IoT platform server (multi-tenant)
OneM2M(IN) mounting support
NoSQL-based large data management
Open API support
Efficient Scale-out

IN(Infrastructure Node)
IoT Server

Device gateway

WiFi, BLE, LoRA support
Equipped with oneM2M(MN) or edgeX Open sw
HTTP/CoAP, MQTT support
Data collection and management
Device connection management

BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy), LoRa(Long Range),
MN(Middle Node), M2M Gateway

Device firmware

LwM2M Specification Support
Development Library Support
Remote firmware update support

LwM2M(Lightweight M2M)

Product case

This is an example of IoT products.

Major client company

It is a major customer of the AIBLab IoT platform.

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